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Our Prescriptions

Art Pharmacy Prescriptions is a subscription service giving you an affordable way to collect contemporary art, and connect to Australia's most exciting and emerging artists.

By subscribing you will receive a limited edition artwork every 3 months that has been exclusively made for Art Pharmacy, delivered straight to your door. You won't know what each piece is, until it's delivered. But you can guarantee that it will be a quality piece, by a truly talented, up and coming artist. 

Art Pharmacy Prescriptions is a great way for an art lover to start their collection, but who doesn't know quite where to start. Or, for those with already large collections, this is a fun way to build up those collections, and at the same time support emerging Australian artists.

A once-off purchase for the next scheduled prescription artwork.*


A six-month subscription, for two artworks.*


A twelve-month subscription, for four artworks.*


Our Artists

How It Works

We hand-select artists who create unique artworks just for Art Pharmacy Prescriptions.

Those artworks are then packaged and posted out to you, sometimes even hand-delivered!

A new artwork for your collection to keep, or, re-gift for someone else to love instead.